Here at Blanche Smile Studio, our team appreciates that dental treatments can be rather daunting. That’s why we always offer a friendly service. We endeavour to put your fears at ease with great communication throughout your procedures. However, our commitment to making the process less stressful doesn’t end there.

Our experts regularly use IV sedation to put patients in a more comfortable position. With the use of these anti-anxiety drugs, the dental procedures will pass by without a care in the world.

What Is IV Sedation?

A common misconception is that IV sedation involves being put to sleep. It doesn’t. You will still be in a state of consciousness. Moreover, you’ll be able to respond to your dentistry expert throughout the treatment. However, you probably won’t remember it.

Once administered, the anti-anxiety drugs will force your body into relaxation. This will make the treatment feel like it has passed by in a matter of moments. Meanwhile, the effects will also mean that you fail to remember the episode. This makes it perfect for anyone that is frightened by those dental practices.

At our surgeries, we use only the best and safest form of ant-anxiety drugs. So you can rest assured that you are getting the greatest treatment from start to finish.

When Might I Need To Be Sedated?

IV sedation isn’t needed by every patient. Likewise, it isn’t required for every dental procedure we offer. However, any work that could cause potential trauma is a great candidate for using this form of preparation treatment.

Patients undergoing root canal therapy and other issues that impact what’s below the gumline will want to use IV sedation first. Essentially, if you don’t want to have the memory of the procedure in your mind, this is the perfect option.

How Are The Drugs Administered?

The sedation process doesn’t numb the pain. Therefore, you will still need an aesthetic before our consultants complete the work.

However, due to the effects of IV sedation, this won’t be an issue. Your care-free state will remove any fears that you’d normally experience about this aspect of the treatment. In turn, this will allow our dentistry expert to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

And you’ll be back to normality in no time at all.

Is It Safe?

Of course. Our experts would never put our patients at risk anyway. However, using the anti-anxiety drugs with anaesthetic is even safer than using the latter on its own.

There are personal circumstances that could throw a spanner into the works, such as pregnancy. But our specialists will ask you about those conditions before treatment.