Our exhaustive list of fees and offers

Routine examination and consultation’s
New patient dental health consultation including radiographs of teeth, mouth cancer screening,  bite assessment, gum assessment, and treatment plan
Hygiene (scale & polish & Airlfow)
Existing Patient routine dental examination with hygiene (scale & polish)£150
Emergency appointment£100
Teeth Whitening
Home whitening (including customised trays & whitening gels)From £399
Restorations & Fillings
White fillingsFrom £190
Porcelain inlayFrom £600
Gold inlayFrom £850
Smile makeover
Porcelain veneersFrom £1200
Root Canal Therapy
Incisors and CaninesFrom £500
PremolarsFrom £600
MolarsFrom £700
Root Canal RetreatmentFrom £790
Crowns & bridges
Porcelain bonded crownFrom £900
Ceramic metal-free crownFrom £1,200
Gold crownFrom £1200
Porcelain bonded bridge (3 units)From £1,700
Any additional unitFrom £600
Periodontitis (Gum disease treatment)
Non-surgical periodontitis (gum disease) treatmentFrom £1250
Oral surgery
Simple extractionsFrom £220
Surgical extractionsFrom £400
Dental implant
Single tooth implantFrom £1,900
Implant crownFrom £900