Our exhaustive list of fees and offers

Routine examination and consultation’s
New patient dental health consultation including radiographs of teeth, mouth cancer screening,  bite assessment, gum assessment, hygiene (scale & polish & Airlfow) and treatment plan
Routine dental examination with hygiene (scale & polish)£150
Emergency appointment£100
Teeth Whitening
Home whitening (including customised trays & whitening gels)From £399
Restorations & Fillings
White fillingsFrom £190
Porcelain inlayFrom £600
Gold inlayFrom £850
Smile makeover
Porcelain veneersFrom £1200
Root Canal Therapy
Incisors and CaninesFrom £500
PremolarsFrom £600
MolarsFrom £700
Root Canal RetreatmentFrom £790
Crowns & bridges
Porcelain bonded crownFrom £900
Ceramic metal-free crownFrom £1,200
Gold crownFrom £1200
Porcelain bonded bridge (3 units)From £1,700
Any additional unitFrom £600
Periodontitis (Gum disease treatment)
Non-surgical periodontitis (gum disease) treatmentFrom £1250
Oral surgery
Simple extractionsFrom £220
Surgical extractionsFrom £400
Dental implant
Single tooth implantFrom £1,900
Implant crownFrom £900